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A Day In The Life.

The summer session is now underway at CCM - and it's time to take some classes in order to lighten the fall semester's course load. So, what's a typical day like during the summer at the County College of Morris?


In the morning, you can start your day with a cup of coffee with your fellow 'summer students' (some are like you – CCM students taking extra classes; others are ‘visiting students’ – from other colleges and universities) in the Cohen Café, as the Student Center’s Cafe is now closed for renovations. After enjoying your beverage while discussing the upcoming class project, head out the door past the Longo Planetarium (the shows there are really pretty awesome) making your way down the stairs to the lower level of DeMare Hall, to your Psychology class. After class, you stop by the Student Center's Bookstore to buy the textbooks (used, not new, as it's much cheaper that way – or you can even rent your textbooks now) that you need for your next summer session class: English Composition II. 

With your two classes being over, you take a needed break in the Student Center's popular TV Lounge playing a video game with your fellow summer session classmates. Then it’s off to do some research in the Library.

You're almost finished for the day, but not before you stop by the Campus Life Information Window to buy two tickets for the upcoming CCM bus trip into NYC to see the hit Broadway musical “On Your Feet”. While you’re there, you pick up an application to be a New Student Orientation student leader during the August “First Year Information” orientation sessions.


At CCM we encourage you to maximize your college experience. Life at the County College of Morris can be exhilarating. You'll hear a lot of laughter and great conversation, all across campus. CCM students enjoy belonging to one (or more) of our student clubs, or going to concerts and performances, or playing games with friends, or just lounging out in the sun on our beautiful campus.

Going to class is just part (albeit the most important part) of what college is about. College is the time for you to meet new people, to explore your interests, and to have a lot of different experiences. At CCM you have endless opportunities to do what interests you. So, get involved - get the most out your college experience. Like most other CCM students, you'll be glad you did.

Today's To-Do List

  • Item 1:  Cohen Cafe
  • Item 2:  Psychology
  • Item 3:  Bookstore
  • Item 4:  Comp II
  • Item 5:  TV Lounge
  • Item 6:  Library
  • Item 7:  Buy tix
  • Item 8:  Sign up