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Roseann Crouch

Roseann Crouch

Hometown: Rockaway
Major: Certificate in Human Resources

Certificate Program Brings Desired Career Change

Roseann Crouch, a mother of six, was working full-time as a receptionist for a pharmaceutical company and taking on some human resource functions in the hopes of advancing her career into HR. The business, however, apparently liked her “as the face of the company,” and the advancement she was seeking remained out of reach.
To demonstrate her commitment to building a career in HR, Crouch, 51, of Rockaway, enrolled in the Certificate in Human Resources Professional – Generalist program at County College of Morris.
“I wanted to get more skills hoping that there might eventually be an opening I could move into,” she explains. But after two such openings occurred and she was passed over for promotion, Crouch realized she needed to look elsewhere.
“Everybody liked me where I was, but I wanted something more,” she says.
Cracking the Job Search Code
One of the guest speakers in the certificate program was Maya Ollson, author of “Crack the Job Search Code: The Art of Job Hunting.” Crouch listened with close attention, purchased the book, updated her resume and got to work on landing a job in HR – all while working full-time, attending school at night and taking care of a family.

“If you want something, you can make it happen,” Crouch says. “You have to plan it and figure out what steps to take. Otherwise it’s just a pipe dream.”
Halfway through the certificate program, a human resource position opened up at Lakeland Bank. Crouch applied and was hired.
“During the interview process, I was able to speak intelligently about family leave and disabilities because of what I was learning in the program,” she recalls. As it turned out, the bank was looking for an HR professional who also could serve as a backup for its human resource disabilities specialist.
A Dream Fulfilled
As a recruiter and HR assistant, Crouch in her first few months was able to assist with a merger and integrating the staff from the other bank into Lakeland. She also handles the full spectrum of HR from posting positions, to interviewing, to hiring and orientation at Lakeland.

“I love it,” she says. “I get to work the whole spectrum. Had I gotten one of the positions at the other company, I would not have the opportunities I am enjoying today.”