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A Science and Mathematics Option

Developmental courses MAT 011, MAT 014, MAT 016, ENG 007, ENG 022, ENG 025 and all ESL classes are prerequisites for core Biology and Chemistry courses. However, selected Science courses may be taken as electives before completing the Developmental courses listed above. Please consult with an Academic Advisor for more information.

Why Choose a Career in Chemistry?

  • Chemistry has provided the solution to many complex and important problems that concern our society.
  • Chemistry has improved the quality of all phases of human life, from soft contact lenses and synthetic blood to alternative fuel sources, and advances in medicine and biotechnology.
  • No other basic science touches and shapes as many aspects of modern society as chemistry.
  • Chemistry is a versatile subject area and the pursuit of a career in chemistry can be a most intellectually satisfying and rewarding experience.

Are Chemists in Demand in Industry? Yes!

  • Chemists provide the backbone for manufacturing industries and regulatory agencies, such as
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Industrial and Government Laboratories
    • Environmental protection
    • Government positions in regulatory agencies
  • Chemists at all levels of education can find a market for their skills and knowledge in every employment area: a further testament to the scope and utility of the science of chemistry.

Why Choose Chemistry at CCM?

The Chemistry program at CCM is designed to provide students with a strong foundation in all areas of modern chemistry.
The core courses required for the A.S. Degree can prepare you to pursue a wide variety of pathways:
  • The Chemistry Option is designed to maximize transferability to four-year baccalaureate institutions and professional schools by:
    • providing a liberal arts program with emphasis on the sciences and mathematics
    • Including courses in the Curriculum that can either parallel
      • those required in the first two years of most baccalaureate programs in biology, or
      • the courses required for entry into the most popular professional programs in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, physical therapy and chiropractic, or to start a career in chemistry.
    • providing transfer agreements and Guaranteed Admissions Programs with other institutions such as William Patterson University. Please refer to the Articulation Agreements page of the CCM Web site for complete and current information.

Faculty Advisors Are Your Best Resource for Choosing An Appropriate Curriculum

  • You are strongly urged to work closely with your academic advisor who can help you make most efficient use of your time at CCM. The wide variety of career options and the diversity in requirements of baccalaureate and professional schools to which you may transfer, demand careful consideration and planning.
  • Your advisors are familiar with these considerations - and are ready to help! Take advantage of their knowledge and expertise.
  • If you are preparing for medical, dental or veterinary medical schools, you should see an academic advisor in the Department of Biology/Chemistry immediately. Your advisors can help you plan your coursework appropriately and maximize the efficiency of the sequence in which courses will be taken.
  • Students who have a previous non-science degree should be able to complete either of these degrees by transferring general education courses and taking only the sciences required for the medical schools.
  • For more information on Academic Advisors, please see the “Who is My Academic Advisor” page of the CCM Web site.
If you are considering a career in Chemistry Education, please refer to the Chemistry Education Web page.
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